Interview with Avalinity

I made my first  interview with swedish band Avalinity,you should check their music and everything about them because they are great ,here is one pic of them . Featured image

1. First of all how Avalinity was formed? 2. How you get inspiration for your music? 3. What are other things you do except music? 4. Do you like shopping? 5. What music you love to listen? 6. Do you have favourite book or movie? 7. Do you like anime? If yes which one? 8. Would you ever date fan or be friend with fan? 9. In the end can we expect some new songs? 10. And tell something to readers of blog musicbreaksborders

K: 1. In late 2011, Areku wanted support musicians for his solo work. He got in touch with K, and later SaSa and Fredrik. Soon enough, we all realized that this had developed into a band rather than a solo project.

2. Musically I’m inspired by the artist Kaya, his vocals are exceptional. Also bands like LUNA SEA and Dream Theater inspires me. When it comes to lyrics I’m usually very political.

3. I enjoy learning about different make up techniques and being creative with my looks. I also like history, culture and spending time with my friends. Recently I began studying Mandarin.

4. Yes, especially clothes and decoration for the house.

5. Its hard to chose because I listen to pretty much any genre, but my favorite bands includes Kaya & Femme Fatale, LUNA SEA, Dream Theater, Queen and a Swedish pop singer called Ted Gärdestad.

6. “Life after death” by Damien Echols is an amazing and tragic biography everyone should read. My favorite movie is “The Man in the Iron Mask”.

7. I don’t watch a lot of anime, but I love Hellsing.

8. I don’t like limiting myself so I would have to say yes.

9. Of course! We’re always working on new material.

10. As the name of this site reveals, music is a language everyone can understand and we want to share it with all of you. Thank you for your support and I hope to meet all of you soon!

AREKU: 1. – 2. Inspiration could hit at any time, but it often comes during the late hours, or when I’m out in the nature. However, I try to create independent if I’m inspired or not. There’s no time to sit and wait for inspiration. Regarding musical influences/inspirations, I would say hide.

3. I have my line of jewelry called “SophistiGance”, which I make myself and spend much time working on. I also enjoy developing my skills in photography, visual design, wood works and electronics, with the motto “learning by doing”.

4. The act of shopping? Sure, but what I really like is the thought of what I can do with the things after I bought them, like how to use a new tool, a pedal or a camera-lens.

5. I like to get new impression, and therefore I actively search for new genres/artists to “discover”. But I do, like many others have some all-time- favorites that I always tend to return too: Frank Sinatra, X, The Hives, hide.

6. “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess “The Godfather” by Mario Puzo

7. “Code Geass”, “Death Note” and “Black Butler” I rarely watches anime.

8. Sure, see you backstage!

9. Absolutely!

10.Thank you for the support! Let’s meet at a live soon?

SaSa: 1. –

2. – Everything I see, hear, feel inspire me. I’m a pro at thinking up small stories in my head about people around me or just situations, and the only way to make use of that is to write them down as lyrics since I have no talent for story writing at all!

3. – Usually I eat chocolate, bake something with chocolate, eat more chocolate, take walks, and study a lot…

4. – Yes! Specially when it’s cloths that I’m picking out for friends, or home decoration or just anything if it’s in Tokyo.

5. – I listen to lots of different music though most of it is Asian.

6. – My favorite movie is a Bollywood movie called “Veer & Zaara” and it leaves me in tears and new life energy and future inspiration ever single time I watch it. And I’ve watched it many times! For books, I say Harry Potter series!

7. – Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Code Geass and Shiki are my favorites, unfortunately I don’t really have time to watch animes anymore…

8. – People are people, so Yes.

9. – Of course!

10. – Thank you for your amazing support, one day we’ll meet each other and have a blast, Much love!

Fredrik: 1. – 2. I’m not sure, it just hits me when im going on with my day. 3. I like to play computer games and hangout with my friends and get drunk when im not playing music. 4. I never got into shopping really, i shop maybe two times a year, one time att summer and one time at winter. 5. Deah metal! 6. my favorite movie is called “Essex boys” 7. i’ve only ever really seen two anime series, Helsing and Elfen Lied, and my favorite of the two is Helsing. 8. Yes and yes. 9. we are always working on new stuff! 10. Stay away from cars with the words”free candy” written on their sides, unless it’s me driving, then it’s just to jump in!

Yoru: 2. Listening to various types of music certainly helps. I also feel like I get a lot of ideas while I’m out running, but other than that it’s often fairly spontaneous. As a bassist, I’m inspired by tetsuya, bassist in L’Arc-en-Ciel.

3. I’m currently studying Japanese, which is taking up a fair bit of my time. I also enjoy playing games (currently playing Xenoblade and Smash Bros. whenever I can put aside some time for it). I enjoy running and occasionally participate in middle- and long-distance races. I like learning things in general.

4. Depends on what I’m shopping for, and where. Shopping for clothes in Harajuku is really fun. Shopping for kitchenware just outside of town less so.

5. While I listen to a lot of different styles, I suppose my musical interests weigh heavily towards the Japanese music scene. Recently I’ve been listening to a band called Sound Horizon a lot.

6. Book: The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Movie: Fight Club

7. I love the Gundam franchise and Neon Genesis Evangelion. If anyone has any suggestions based on those feel free to tell me!

8. Well, I wouldn’t date a person solely because they’re a fan, but I also wouldn’t not date a person because they’re a fan. I guess it would be nice if my partner thinks the music I make is good, haha.

9. You can and you should!

10. Thank you for reading. Feel free to ask further questions if you would like to know anything else!